mommy wrap

mommy wrap

in addition to working well for all women for a variety of lifestyle needs from work to special occasion, yoga, & every day our wrap works miracles for expectant mothers too / a wonderful privacy wrap for breastfeeding and when tied correctly can even offer support for holding infants and toddlers

moms to be comment....
anted to let you know i went out last night and a lady commented on my angelrox wrap and how it had to be the prettiest maternity item she'd ever seen. i told her it's not even maternity and gave her the website. i swear, i've never received more compliments on one item of clothing!! thanks for helping me shine even when big as a house.

" I must say I'm already addicted to my wrap and tunic, love them. I think I have to get the turquoise tunic as well, and possibly a black wrap, no kidding. My sister is quite a fashionista, I'm sure when she sees mine she'll want one too, I'll definitely sell you around to everyone I know, cuz I can already tell I want to wear them every day, ha. I feel much more attractive flowy earth mother with this pregnancy now :). "

skirt / tunics / tops / dresses/ YOU decide / ships with an instructional sheet to get customers started / demo videos available @ / crafted with joy in Brooklyn, NY of locally knitted fabrics

one size fits most click here to see colors & purchase

kisses to all those sweet babies on the way and in their momma's arms!