crafted with joy in the USA

angelrox is delighted to produce our items in Brooklyn, NY using eco friendly fabrics including bamboo, rayon, & organic cotton

we have been blessed with a host of angels that keep finding new ways to enjoy our wraps from young girls to ladies to new mommas & grandmommas

the range of ages and sizes and needs that have been served is inspiring

please visit our new site to learn more

if you already own a wrap and would like to share your favorite variation please submit photos or short videos for consideration in our angels section to

our supporting angels are our muses & guides

may peace prevail

eco balance

we live intense lives these days. all the more reason to make time for rejuvenation, for family & friends, for stretching, for hope, for gratitude, for joy

life is indeed a blessing and every moment is a gift

seek balance & peace within

radiate joy