the angelrox trademarked symbol represents balance

yet it's spirit remains open to anyone's personal interpretation

the orbit in perpetual motion around a gothic cross is the first element i created when starting the collection in my personal pursuit of exploring harmony through opposites.........the union of faith & science, pain & bliss, heaven & earth, past & future...

it spoke to me, kept me drawing me back in with feelings inner calm over time it was verified again and again to hearken the Chinese character for center or middle and the ready acceptance and appeal
to so many has been inspiring

used to give me chills always mixed with a sweet sense of destiny
& somehow strengthens my daily
pursuit of inner joy

my tagline from the beginning for angelrox
"may peace prevail" was inspired by the world peace pole project click here to learn more
i've come to understand that it is a mantra for inner bliss which can then radiate out to all things

inspired by my husband who had the first charm made for me & my sweet sister who led me to a source to make it possible, the angelrox symbol is now available for all to enjoy

water jet cut charm with matching chain – all cut, polished & assembled with love in the USA

available in brushed stainless or copper

a precious gift to yourself or another

but not too precious of a price.... $28

here to purchase

may peace prevail