the natural bride

angelrox wraps

are a brilliant way to style a wedding for the eco minded bride & her unique maids.... elegant cozy pieces create infinite dresses, skirts, shawls, capes, tops, tunics & more.....

a bridal option that will truly be enjoyed time & again....a particularly kind option for the brides lovely maids as they can customize the dress to best suit their figure and comfort and most definitely will be able to use & reuse it in a variety of lifestyle needs for years to hanging in the back of the closet taking up space for this bridesmaid dress :)

crafted with joy in Brooklyn, NY from stretch jersey in three fiber variations depending on color. all fabrics are cellulose (plant based) fibers made from reconstituted wood pulp thus sharing the natural comfort properties of cotton but with superior drape, flow and suitability for special occasions. these fibers include bamboo (made from the pulp of bamboo trees), rayon (made from other trees) or modal (derived from beechwood). we source all fabrics within the US and as locally as we possibly can to save on fuel consumption in production. custom colors may be possible based on availability. we also plan to start offering the wraps in silk jersey. prices and colors available upon request. contact

angelrox wrap are available in three lengths to accommodate varied heights & tastes

also lovely to combine the traditional length wrap as a kimono shawl over a lady or formal wrap as a dress or twist and play with two contrasting wraps for added volume & interest (see below) click here for video demos of a few of our favorite variations

the wrap is our most versatile daily option....creates below the knee length skirts, tunics, shawls, tops & dresses ranging from below the knee to short & sexy depending on customer height $158
click here for colors

lady wrap is 6” longer & provides mid-calf to ankle length skirts and proper below the knee dresses for lovely ladies taller than 5'6"..... this is the best formal option for petite angels who will achieve long dresses & full length skirts $178 click here for additional images
formal wrap is 12“ longer & works as floor grazing or ankle length skirt on tall women & creates long dresses for angels over 5’6” our strongest seller for the natural bride $188 click here to see more

it is an incredible honor to have lovely brides choosing angelrox for such a blessed occasion!

nothing brings us greater pleasure than to see pictures of the event and for those willing share with others. we hope to build a format either her on this blog or on our main site in the future for angelrox wrap owners to post their own pictures of new variations they create or just their favorite style for special occasion or just relaxing at the sweetest place..... home